Artist-In-Residence Program

The Creative Center  Hospital Artist-in-Residence Program offers patients, at their bedsides and in small group settings, the opportunity to be absorbed in their own creative process, as an antidote to the pain, anxiety and boredom that is part of the hospital experience. Our artists work with children and adults in mediums and with materials fitting the needs of the patients.

The Artists-In-Residence are carefully selected and trained to work within the hospital setting. They receive education, support, and on-going supervision by social workers and art therapists. Each artist provides materials and art projects tailored to the specific needs of the patient in the hospital. He or she commits to a minimum of a full year of work, working one day each week, as a responsible member of the hospital team.

Artists in Healthcare Training Opportunities

Since 2002, The Creative Center: Arts in Healthcare has been training artists from across the US to work in a variety of healthcare settings using the unique training program featured in our book, Artists in Residence: The Creative Center’s Approach to Arts in Healthcare. Our trainings provide both a theoretical and didactic approach to arts in healthcare. Artists, as well as arts and healthcare administrators, are given everything they need to implement and sustain an arts program in a healthcare facility.

Topics covered in training sessions include:
• Body Systems for Artists
• The Unique Culture of Hospitals
• Cultural Diversity and the Arts-in-Healthcare Program
• Medical and Professional Protocols for Artists
• The Portable Studio: Process, Projects and Materials Management
• Best Practices in Artmaking: Visual, Performing and Literary Arts
• The Artist and the Community
• Hospice and Palliative Care
• Looking at and Talking About Art
• Caring for the Caregiver: Art for families and Healthcare staff
• Patient Perspectives
• Artists Logs/Reflective Journaling