Famous Artwork in Pieces (ex. Edward Hopper)

This project is great for working with patients in infusion. It's collaborative, stirs up conversation about art, and always has a unique outcome.

Original image
Canvas paper
Surface you glue onto

1. Take the original image and grid the entire image.
2. Sketch a simplified version of the original on canvas paper.
3. Mix colors as needed.
4. There are many variations of this project. For this particular image, calligraphic black lines are added to unify the painting. (Having two reproductions going at the same time gives the patients who are painting, the opportunity to engaged in two different pieces of art.)
5. Cut the 2 reproductions and interchange squares so each adjacent tile is slightly or greatly different.

You can be as creative as you want with this project. Sometimes painting or drawing a particular figure can be intimidating for patients. One way to alleviate this concern is to turn the square upside down so the image is unrecognizable. Patients respond well to this because it is abstract. Once you show them the painting, they are proud of what they created.

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